Toronto Fashion

Welcome to Toronto Fashion Academy, High Fashion Master Class.

Toronto Fashion

Welcome to Toronto Fashion Academy, High Fashion Master Class.

It’s here again, it’s even bigger and better

Toronto to Nigeria

Quality Training

TFA is Curated and taught by leading industry experts from TFA Academy Canada, you will be learning about modern fashion techniques and how you can make a difference with your career.

Marketing Insights

With Our Array of competent Instructors, you are guaranteed of new and in-depth up-to-date marketing insights towards achieving your goal.


TFA also affords you the opportunity to network and share ideas with various individuals who are making a difference in your chosen fields at the event.


Latest Works and Partnerships

FASHION 101 2019 (High Fashion Master Class)

12TH – 15TH June, 2019

Venue : A Class Park Abuja, Nigeria

Why You Should Enroll

Benefit to participants

It will be an opportunity for those who are already in the fashion designing, fashion styling, photography, modeling and make up industry to upgrade their knowledge in the field from a cross section of globally acclaimed international experts from the academy.

Makeup Academy

  • Professional Makeup Artistry
  • Technique Mastery
  • Fashion Make-Up
  • Photography Make-Up

Fashion Styling Design

  • Fashion Styling
  • Fashion Management
  • Fashion Campaigns
  • Fashion Closet

Fashion Photography

  • Editing Strategy
  • Fashion Lighting
  • Posture
  • Equipment

Fashion Modeling

  • Portfolio Building
  • Brand Identity
  • Fashion Modelling 101
  • Network Opportunities

Toronto Fashion Academy 2019


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Africa is the next frontier in fashion. Get intimate access to Africa’s future fashion leaders. We are bringing together over 2500 participants under one arena. Associate your brand with cutting-edge creativity in modeling, styling, fashion design, make-up artistry and photography.